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Dovolenkové domy Istria

Luxusné vily, vily s bazénom vám poskytnú nezabudnuteľnú dovolenku. V závislosti od vašich preferencií môžete nájsť celý rad luxusných víl, dovolenkových domov s bazénom Istria na pobreží alebo vo vnútrozemí, odpočívať v tichu a pokoji nedotknutej prírody. Luxusné vily môžu ubytovať väčšie rodiny alebo skupiny priateľov a umožňujú dovolenku a vynikajúce ubytovanie v krásnom prostredí Istria. Akákoľvek luxusná vila alebo dovolenkový dom s bazénom, ktorú si vyberiete, vám poskytne nezabudnuteľné chvíle v náručí luxusu a pohodlia. Každá jednotlivá vila má svoj vlastný fascinujúci príbeh, ktorý každý človek prežíva zvláštnym spôsobom. Charakter jednotlivých víl a špecialita, ktorá sa odráža v kvalite a všetkých doplnkových službách robia luxusné vily neodolateľnými a očarujúcimi pre každého hosťa. Oddajte sa hľadaniu svojho ideálneho ubytovania, prezrite si našu ponuku luxusných víl, domov s bazénom Istria. Holiday house by the sea or a luxury villa with swimming pool in the interior will give you the beauty and the pleasures of the simple life. Beautiful scenery, comfortable environment, luxury accommodation and let them be your choice for a holiday destination Istria.

Istria is the largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea where different civilisations, cultures and traditions are intertwined. Its coastline and numerous surrounding islands are covered in pine trees and dense evergreen which offer beautiful natural shade. Istria's interior is full of lush vegetation, hills, valleys, rivers and raveens.
Throughout the centuries Istrian hospitality has evolved into a tradition. This tradition is a special relationship and culture hosts share with there guests. Not only does Istria offer accommodations such as hotels, campsites, apartments in private homes, it is also developed in nautical tourism, congressional tourism, offers excursions, hunting and fishing tourism, agrotourism, culture, sports and recreation, scuba diving and horseback riding.
Troubled times in Istria's history account for its numerous historical and cultural monuments, churches and shrines.
Some of the larger cities in Istria are Pula, Porec, Rovinj, Pazin, Buzet, Motovun, Umag and Novigrad.
Porec is a city of entertainment and nightlife, Pula is the city of concerts, film and culture, and Rovinj is known as the city of romance. The destinations of Pula, Rovinj, Porec, Umag, Rabac, Medulin and Premantura in the south each contribute something different to tourism in Istria.
Throughout the years, Istria has orientated itself around tourism. Due to this, its capacity in accommodations has grown. Visitors can find accommodation such as apartments and rooms in private homes, villas, hotels, camps and agrotourism.
Agrotourism is quite popular and most of these destinations are located in the interior parts of Istria. Whatever you call it: agrotourism, rural tourism, village tourism, ecological tourism, in Istria this always means unspoiled nature and unobtrusive presence of man, it means health and wellnes, relaxation and pleasure. The agrotouristic activities offered in Istria are diverse: in addition to staying in the country, in a village ambience, you can gaze at and mingle with the farm animals, participate in season works in the fields, walk, hike, ride a bike, take up extreme sports.. Here guests can rent an apartment or room and enjoy a holiday in nature along with great homemade food and wine. Istria is a wine producing area. The Istrian towns of Motovun, Pazin, Buzet, Vodnjan, Zminj and Svetvincenat are known for their wonderful wines, wine cellars and vineyards. The wines that define Istria are the red Teran and the white Malvasia, but you will be able to enjoy Muscat, Pinot and many other varieties. When you travel through Istria, take notice of the singposts that say vinska cesta – wine road. This wine road indicate that you are passing through an area rich in farm estates, taverns, restaurants, tasting houses... This area is also known for the delicacy - truffles. They are found in central and northern Istria and are something guests must try.
Another „must see“ place is the National Park of Brioni on the island of Brioni in the south of Istria. It is a beautiful island surrounded by clear blue sea and offers many attractions.
Visitors can also take advantage of Istria's nautical tourism. Guests are free to sail in and enjoy their holiday touring the coastal cities as well as many islands and inlets.
Istria's tourism is a prominent part of Croatia because of its wide variety of restaurants, taverns, inns, agro tourism, apartments, rooms, hotels, villas, camps and entertainment which includes cocktail bars, cafes and discotheques as well as sports and recreation.
Explore Istria with friends and family and you can be sure that it will be a holiday you will never forget.


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