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Hajók Vidék Szarajevó

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The district of Sarajevo is located on the eastern side of Bosnia and Hercegovina on a surface of 1276,9km2. Within Sarajevo are the municipalities of; Stari Grad, Centar, Novo Sarajevo, Novi Grad, Ilidza, Vogosca, Hadzici, Ilijas and Trnovo with a total population of around 391,000 people. This district is rich in extraordinary natural beauty including mountains, rivers, and lush valleys, but, its most valuable asset is the peoples' openheartedness. The culture of life here has survived through the pre-historic and ancient times, the mediaeval times, through the Ottoman and Austrian-Hungarian era, to present day. Nowhere in Europe is there such a richness and diversity of nature, historical and cultural heritage with its many historical and cultural monuments as well as attractive tourist destinations. Amongst the destinations are the ancient town – aqua sulfati in Ilidza, the neolithic town of Butmir, the mediaeval cemetary in Trnova, a huge tree-lined walk from Ilidza to Vrela Bosna, the cave Bijambare, waterfalls in Skakavac, as lake in Treskovici as well as the world famous olympic mountains of Trebevic, Igman, Bjelasnica and Jahorina, all of which are great for mountain-climbing, alpine and winter sports, and they are all equipped with an experienced rescue team along with other services.
The Bijambare area is located on the further most, northeastern slopes of Sarajevo Canton and the Ilijas. There are five caves in tree horizons, in a small area, one of them being famous for a long time, so called mail or Bijambare cave, tour of which is a real attraction.


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