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Tourist resort is a settlement in which guests are provided accommodation with meals, catering and other services. In the tourist resort guest has the possibility of practicing sport and other forms of recreation in open spaces, which are adapted to the specific conditions of destination Novi Vinodolski. Tourist resort consists of: reception, catering, sports and other facilities for recreation, different types of units. Accommodation units in the tourist resort can be: rooms, family rooms, suites, apartments, studios ... Tourist resorts in Novi Vinodolski have numerous catering facilities, restaurants, specialized shops, souvenir shops, hair and beauty salons and sports facilities (tennis, football, handball, volleyball, water sports, table tennis, miniature golf, basketball, etc.). Tourist resorts are ideal for sports activities, diving, cycling or sailing, enjoying the aqua parks or participating in some of the fun activities of the animation program. Resorts greatest attention turn to families and children. So tourist resorts in Novi Vinodolski have a mini club, playground, and children can enjoy the imaginative animation programs. If you want to spend a perfect vacation, choosing accommodation in the tourist resort is the perfect choice. We offer a large selection of tourist resorts. Choose your accommodation, book a tourist resort and spend carefree holiday in the beautiful Novi Vinodolski.

Novi Vinodolski is a small town located right off the main highway just south of Crikvenica. Its rich Mediterranean vegetation, clear-blue sea and beautiful beaches make it a well-known and wonderful tourist destination. Novi Vinodolski offer accommodation includes hotels, cottages, auto camps, apartments and rooms in private homes and villas can fit up to 10,000 guests per day.
Novi Vinodolski has been inhabited ever since the roman era and in medieval times it was considered a city by Prince Frankopan. In medieval times the „Vinodolski Law“ was written in the year 1288 in the Glagolitic script and was one of the most important documents in Croatian medieval law. The old town of Novi Vinodolski sits up on a hill and overlooks the beautiful sea. It has many cultural and historical monuments such as the castle of Frankopan from the 13th century, the tower, and the churches St. Filip and St. Jakov.
Novi Vinodolski, along with its hotels and apartments, has many restaurants which serve wonderful seafood and traditional cuisine. Guests can also enjoy many of its sports and recreation facilities such as indoor and outdoor swimming pools and tennis courts. Best of all, are their beaches. Visitors can chose from the beaches in Novi Vinodolski to the beautiful beaches in surrounding towns.
The towns of Povile, Bribir and Klenovica are also very interesting. The town of Povile was first mentioned as the earliest harbour in Vinodola in the year 1309 and served as a harbour for the Romans and a place where many amphoras have been found. The town of Bribir is also another historical place located just behind Novi Vinodolski, 5km from the sea. Bribir is an interesting place because of its four-sided tower and town church which was made in the baroque era. Klenovica is a small town which was first mentioned in the 17th century. It lies in a beautiful inlet and has many apartments and villas which guests can stay at to enjoy a lovely holiday in Bribir.
Among the cultural events, Novi Vinodolski especially cherishes the winter carnival (January/February) and St.Filips and St. James Day which are the patron saints of the town (May). Recently, due to its involvement in tourism, Novi Vinodolski has become an international centre to a carnival that takes place in August.
Come and enjoy a lovely and exciting holiday in Novi Vinodolski and its surrounding towns.


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