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Hostele Północna Dalmacja

Hostele, niedrogie zakwaterowanie na niezapomniane chwile spotkań towarzyskich i rozrywki. Hostele zapewniają wakacyjne zakwaterowanie dla grup przyjaciół, grup szkolnych i grup sportowych. Północna Dalmacja Ale także młodzi ludzie, którzy podróżują samotnie i chcą poznać innych ludzi z całego świata. Dzięki przyjemnej i swobodnej atmosferze oraz bardzo rozsądnym cenom, zakwaterowanie w hostelach jest idealne dla osób o otwartym charakterze. W hostelach przeważnie dzielisz pokoje z innymi osobami, choć niektóre hostele oferują również opcję pokoi prywatnych. Północna Dalmacja. Z usług hosteli często korzystają osoby podróżujące lub potrzebujące miejsca na nocleg tylko na jedną noc. Hostele oferują niedrogie zakwaterowanie, w którym będziesz cieszyć się spotkaniami towarzyskimi z młodymi ludźmi z całego świata. Północna Dalmacja. Znajdź idealny hostel na swoje wakacje i wybierz optymalną ofertę, która spełni Twoje wymagania i życzenia. Północna Dalmacja.

Northern Dalmatia stretches from the island of Pag in the north all the way to the city of Primosten in the south. Its coastline has a backdrop of the mountain mass of Velebit and carries on to the flatlands of Bukovice and Ravni Kotar. Northern Dalmatia has been populated for a very long time and this is proven by many antique villages, historical roman monuments as well as preserved medieval towns.
Northern Dalmatia offers a wide variety of accomodations which include hotels, apartments, rooms, campsites and pansions. The larger capacity of accomodations is apartments in private accommodation.
Most of Croatia's more developed islands are located in Northern Dalmatia and are divided into two groups: the group of islands which belong to the Zadar region and the other group to the Sibenik region. These regions have around 500 islands and islets all together. The better known islands of Northern Dalmatia are island of Pag, island of Ugljan, Silba, island of Vir, island of Murter, Pasman, island of Krapanj, Iz, Zlarin, Molat, the group of islands which make up the National Park of Kornati and the Park of Nature Telascica on Dugi Otok (Long Island). On many of these islands guests will have the chance to see the stone ruins of many historical cities as well as beautiful vineyards and olive trees.
Along with its many beautiful islands and islets, Northern Dalmatia also has three national parks which are the National Park Kornati, National Park Krka and National Park Paklenica.
The National Park Kornati is made up of 140 islands, islets, and reefs. It spreads out over 320m2 and in the year 1980 it was declared a national park because of its unique shape and beauty. Its many coves and clear sea make it a perfect place to enjoy nautical adventures.
The National park Krke is spread over 142m2 containing the river Krka which is a real phenomenon for on its way to the open sea; its path is host to many lakes, falls and rapids. On the island Visovac which lies on the lake of Krka, in between two beautiful waterfalls – Rosk and Skradin falls – sits a Franciscan monastery.
The National Park Paklenica, with its backdrop of Stari Grad (the Old City), comprises of two canyons, Large and Little Paklenica. The canyons stretch up to 400m high.
Northern Dalmatia also encompasses two nature parks which are very special because of their beauty and uniqueness.
One is the Nature park Telascica. What makes this park unique is its 8km deep cove which is heaven to explore. Telascica also holds a real natural phenomenon which is the salty lake of Mir. There is a path which leads you to this lake and it is usually warmer than the sea. The second park is with the lake Vransko. This lake is one of the largest natural lakes in Croatia. One of its main characteristics is that it has a large bird preserve made up of 224 different species of birds and is on the list of European ornithological preserves.
Dalmatia is filled with fantastic tourist destinations which offer relaxation, recreation and fun. Some of the larger destinations in Northern Dalmatia are Zadar, Sibenik, Biograd na moru, Vodice, Primosten, Rogoznica, Sv. Filip i Jakov, Skradin, Starigrad – Paklenica, Pirovac, Raslina. Due to its rich history, each place offers you a little taste of the past while enjoying its natural beauty and modern day amenities.


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