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The island of Ugljan is one of many islands in Zadar's archipelago. The Zadar canal separates Ugljan from the mainland and a bridge over the narrow passage of Zdrelac connects it to the island of Pasman. Ugljan's landscape is dominated by dense evergreen underbrush, pine forests, Mediterranean culture, and, on its south-western coastline, lime-stone. Here generations have maintained a strong connection to the sea and fishing as well as a 2000 year old tradition in olive-growing. Throughout the years, hundreds of thousands of olive trees were planted which, to this day, produce oil of intense quality and aroma.
All of the towns on the island of Ugljan are located on the north-eastern side of the island and they are: Ugljan, Lukoran, Sutomiscica, Poljana, Preko, Kali and Kukljica.
During the renaissance and baroque eras many summer homes were built which belonged to some of Zadar's oldest and wealthiest families.
The town of Ugljan, one of the island's larger towns, has beautiful sandy and pebbled beaches located in its campsites. The many apartments, rooms and villas, mostly situated on the shoreline, offer quality accommodations and a place where visitors can relax and enjoy a holiday surrounded by untouched nature and clear blue sea. Chapels dressed in sculptures, located on the Romanesque arched doorway of the St. Jerolim monastery in Ugljan, are proof of the island's cultural niveau dating back to the Middle Ages.
Preko is the island’s largest town and home to the island's main ferry terminal (to Zadar). High above Preko, in the middle of the island, lay the ruins of the medieval fortress of St. Mihovila which was built in the 13th century and offers a breathtaking view of all of the islands in Zadar's archipelago.
Kukljica is a town located in the Kukljica inlet. Its many inlets and coves, the most popular being Sabusa and Jelenica, make it an attractive tourist destination. Accommodations here include apartments and rooms in a number of family homes and villas.
Kali is a typical small Mediterranean fishing town located in the south-western part of the island in between the inlets of Kali and Batalaza.
Lukoran is a town situated in the Lukoran inlet. Surrounding the town are many lush fields, olive groves and vineyards. The town's economy is mainly based on fishing and tourism.
Poljana and Sutoniscica are neighbouring towns to Preko and, together, is a great asset to the tourist industry. Their many restaurants and taverns offer delicious traditional Dalmatian cuisine as well as wonderful homemade wines.
Valuable sculptures, specimens from the goldsmith trade as well as paintings from the island of Ugljan are included in an ongoing exhibit of ecclesiastical art in Zadar.


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