Виллы с бассейном Босния и Герцеговина Найдите отличное место для отпуска

Виллы с бассейном Босния и Герцеговина

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On the south east part of Europe, on the west part of the Balkan peninsula is located the heart-shaped country- Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bosnia and Herzegovina borders with Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. The country is divided in two entities: the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Serbia; and in one district- Brcko. The same name Bosnia and Herzegovina leads to a conclusion that is about two different names that we are talking about. The names indicate historic and age different development regions. The name Bosnia was first mentioned in the X. century and it was used for middle and north area of the river Bosna. Herzegovina instead was mentioned for the first time in the XV: century and its origin comes from the word "herceg" which was a sort of title for the sovereign of the area, while in the former name was Hum and Zahumlje.

The rich history of the territory, that the occupies nowadays, gives us the confirmation that during the centuries the state changed its territory shape and was under the government of various empires (Byzantine, Roman, Turkish and Austrian- Hungarian), till it became one of the socialist republic of the former Yugoslavia. After a terrible, 4 year lasting war that resulted in a break-up of the former Yugoslavia, the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 1995 was finally recognised as an independent country, even if it declaimed it in April 5 1992.

A rich and turbulent history left its cultural sign of the people who "passed" here during the centuries. The republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina was many time a scenario of conflict between the western and orient civilisations and their conquests and wars. Numerous historic-cultural buildings and monuments testify that the state was a touch point of these civilisations. You will rarely found a town with just a Catholic Church or mosque and this, in fact, is one of the proofs of the mentioned cultural diversity.

Extremely good climatic conditions characterised by the combination of the continental a Mediterranean clime, makes of this country an ideal destination in all the seasons. Considering that the cultures and traditions in this area developed at the same time, there are many marvellous natural and cultural destinations worth of visiting.

One of the most famous cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina is surely Medugorje where is situated the sanctuary, that is nowadays visited by million of pilgrims every year. Except Medugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina is known as a winter tourist destination. The mountains of Igman, Bjelasnica, Jahorina with the one of Kupres are significant ski resorts that become more attractive from year to year to ski lovers.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a beautiful country that offers lots of breathless landscapes and has a rich historic cultural tradition that is visible on every step, while the kind people will host you as a member of their family.


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