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The town of Bosiljevo is located approximately 25 km of the city of Karlovac. The town is situated between the rivers of Dobra and Kupa. The western border of the river Kupa is at the same time the state border with the Republic of Slowenia. Towards south, the municipal of Bosiljevo borders with the Primorsko-Goranska County and the town Vrbovsko, on the south-east with the town Ogulin, on the east with the town Generalski Stol and in the north with the municipal Netretic. Over the years, many residents of Bosiljevo have emigrated to the USA and Canada. Most every household in the community has relatives in another part of the world.
Many archeological finds are the proof of the Croatian existence in this area, and first writen documents go back to the year 1334. In the village and its surroundings, there are prehistoric tumuli, and finds from antiquity (Roman graves). The medieval fortified town of Bosiljevo is irregular in form, and was adapted in the Romantic style (after 1825, for the Count L. Nugent, and again in the early 20th cent.). Earlier it belonged to the Frankopans (1461-1671), the Erdödys (1684-1710) and the Auerspergs (from 1740). There is a Baroque altar in the court chapel. Bosiljevo township existed independently from 1860 to 1948, and was reconstituted again in 1993. In the independent Republic of Croatia the township has somewhat changed boundaries (it used to have 54 villages and today it has 43).
The district Bosiljevo consists of 43 communities which make four city councils: Bosiljevo, Grabrk, Prikuplje and Vodena Draga, with population of almost 1500 people. The whole area is kars relief with hills Druzac (469 metres high) and Privis (461 metres high). Because of the relief and climat people are mostly occupied with sheep-breeding. People speak local, kajkavian dialect. The Day of the town of Bosiljevo is 15th June, on the Day of St. Vid the Martyr.
Ivan Arhidakon of Gorice mentions the parish of St. Mavro in Bozilo in the constitution of the Zagreb Archbishop's District.
Cultural and historical monuments (Castle Bosiljevo with park, the ruins of the castle Steljnik, mansions, churches and monasteries) and natural beauties of this area (the rivers Kupa and Dobra, streams, gentle broadleaf forests rich in mushrooms and chestnuts and numerous caves) are of great value and large potential for developing fishing, hunting and country tourism.
Josip Lastavic, well-known sculptor, was born here in 1933. Well-known Croat Stjepan Korenic, dean and writer, was also born in Bosiljevo on 4th November 1856.
The town Bosiljevo has done some important steps in its development and in improving their inhabitants lives, among others they have built new utility facilities.
With new modern roads being fully built, Bosiljevo and the entire area will get on their importance, because there will be a large interchange - toll road Zagreb-Rijeka with diverging roads direction the Republic of Slovenia (state border) and the town Ogulin, tunnel St. Rok and to Split and south parts of the country.


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