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Senj is located where the mountain's edge is washed by the sea, where intact nature, clean air and crystal clear waters invigorate the body, and where history and culture foster renewal of the spirit. It's a town renowned for its eventful history, cutural heritage, literature and tradition. Senj is the centre of a region covering more than 650 km2 and encompassing numerous small towns and villages dotted along the shore at the foot of Mount Velebit (Sv. Juraj, Lukovo, Klada, Starigrad, Jablanac, Stinica and Prizna) or higher up in the mountains of Velebit and Kpela (Krasno, Krivi Put, Stolac, Vratnik and Senjska Draga). The region's areas of natural heritage preservation are the Velebit Nature Park and Croatia's youngest national park - Northern Velebit.
The moment you arrive in Senj, you encounter remnants on all sides of its brave, proud history dating back more than three millennia. The most monumental fortress in the entire Croatian Littoral, the Nehaj fortress, was built in 1558 to defend the town from Turk and Venetian attacks. The extraordinarily rich history of Senj was recorded by the hand of many noted local writers, therefore we are confident that you will always find a new reason to revisit this town and to make your way anew down its narrow, winding streets, breathing in air refreshed by the famous bura wind.
Numerous events, based on local traditions and culture, are always quite a special experience for any visitor. The people of Senj have always loved Carnival – both in winter and, quite uniquely, in summer, because each August Senj hosts an international carnival. Carnival always means loads of fun, so it is no wonder that the whole of the town lives for this time of the year. On the more spiritual side, a pilgrimage to the sanctuary of Our Lady of Krasno will restore your sense of inner peace, while stories about the red-haired Zora and her gang can make us feel like children once again. The festival of klape singing groups, musical evenings in the cathedral, days of uskoks, fishermen's festivals, folklore, concerts and many other events will remain in the memory of visitors, inviting them to visit this town once again.
Senj and its surroundings offer various possibilities to those interested in sports and other action-packed holidays. The sea is a constant challenge: dive into its blue depths, experience the beauty of undersea gardens, set sail in favourable winds, try your luck at fishing, or just relax on a sunny beach and take in the healthy maritime air. The mountains also offer plenty of possibilities for recreation and adventure, numerous hiking trails with wonderful views of the surrounding areas, diverse biking trails, free climbing, hunting, caving or snow sports in winter. But do not miss the unique opportunity to swim in the sea in the morning and then enjoy the shaded mountain landscapes in the afternoon!


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