Opatija has the longest running tradition in tourism in Croatia dating back to 1845. Palm trees and camellias are the symbols of Opatija.
Visitors to Opatija will see that it is a magical place filled with history and beauty. Guests can choose to stay in one of its many grand hotels or villas and apartments. Opatija's hotels and villas have been very well preserved so guests can enjoy their stay as much as kings and queens once did.
Opatija offers up to twenty hotels, restaurants, taverns and villas as well as private accommodation and apartments for guests to choose from. It is also one of the leading congressional destinations in Croatia and a suitable place to hold meetings, conferences, and symposiums. Due to Opatija's mild Mediterranean climate, health resorts are open all year round and are perfect for guests with certain ailments.
Its Riviera, situated under the mountain Ucka, will greet you with beautiful paths and a promenade overlooking the stony coast and sandy beaches. Guests can enjoy long walks by the sea and first class cultural events on one of the most beautiful open air stages in Europe.
Opatija is a place made up of a combination of the traditions of archdukes and princesses of the past with the modern European trends of today.


Opatija - Hotely, apartmány, súkromné ubytovanie, izby