Turistická osada Ika


Tourist resort is a settlement in which guests are provided accommodation with meals, catering and other services. In the tourist resort guest has the possibility of practicing sport and other forms of recreation in open spaces, which are adapted to the specific conditions of destination Ika. Tourist resort consists of: reception, catering, sports and other facilities for recreation, different types of units. Accommodation units in the tourist resort can be: rooms, family rooms, suites, apartments, studios ... Tourist resorts in Ika have numerous catering facilities, restaurants, specialized shops, souvenir shops, hair and beauty salons and sports facilities (tennis, football, handball, volleyball, water sports, table tennis, miniature golf, basketball, etc.). Tourist resorts are ideal for sports activities, diving, cycling or sailing, enjoying the aqua parks or participating in some of the fun activities of the animation program. Resorts greatest attention turn to families and children. So tourist resorts in Ika have a mini club, playground, and children can enjoy the imaginative animation programs. If you want to spend a perfect vacation, choosing accommodation in the tourist resort is the perfect choice. We offer a large selection of tourist resorts. Choose your accommodation, book a tourist resort and spend carefree holiday in the beautiful Ika.

Ika is a small tourist village located in the littoral area near the town Opatija. It is situated approximately 4km on west from Opatija. Ika is known as a typical fisherman village with a population of about 500 habitants.

Regarding the accommodation You can chose to stay in the local Hotel or to rent an apartment or a room in one of the private houses offering private accommodation.


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