Turistická osada Ostrov Solta


Tourist resort is a settlement in which guests are provided accommodation with meals, catering and other services. In the tourist resort guest has the possibility of practicing sport and other forms of recreation in open spaces, which are adapted to the specific conditions of destination Ostrov Solta. Tourist resort consists of: reception, catering, sports and other facilities for recreation, different types of units. Accommodation units in the tourist resort can be: rooms, family rooms, suites, apartments, studios ... Tourist resorts in Ostrov Solta have numerous catering facilities, restaurants, specialized shops, souvenir shops, hair and beauty salons and sports facilities (tennis, football, handball, volleyball, water sports, table tennis, miniature golf, basketball, etc.). Tourist resorts are ideal for sports activities, diving, cycling or sailing, enjoying the aqua parks or participating in some of the fun activities of the animation program. Resorts greatest attention turn to families and children. So tourist resorts in Ostrov Solta have a mini club, playground, and children can enjoy the imaginative animation programs. If you want to spend a perfect vacation, choosing accommodation in the tourist resort is the perfect choice. We offer a large selection of tourist resorts. Choose your accommodation, book a tourist resort and spend carefree holiday in the beautiful Ostrov Solta.

In the middle Dalmatian archipelago, on the western side of the island of Brac, is situated the island of fisherman's, olive and vineyards- Solta.

The island spread in west - north-west- south east direction on a total surface of 58 000 sq km. It's position is, considering the surrounding area , very favourable. The vicinity of Split, Trogir, the island of Brac and the other middle Dalmatian islands is surely a huge advantage regarding the tourism and it gives it a exceptional spot on the Split mariner area. The longitude of the coast of a total of 71,3 km offers many beaches and bays that you can visit and enjoy in them. The highest peak of the island, Vela Straza on 237 m of altitude, offers a marvellous view on the island and the sea. Seven little islands spangle the archipelago of the island and are ideal for one-day trips.

Exactly the geographical position of the island of Solta has contributed to a rich history of the island. In the hard rock of the island are engraved the traces of the prehistoric, antique, late Christian till the after war period. From the prehistoric fort, antique city walls, sarcophagus, baptistery, graves, basilicas till the rests of the antique rustically built villas, Marchi's family castle from the 18. century and the memorial house of the writer Marko Marulic...Every historic monument is telling some story of the passed times.

The habitants deal with agriculture, grape growing, olive growing, fruit growing, fishing and of course tourism.

The Mediterranean climatic conditions on the island are characterised by mild winters and hot summers make of Solta an ideal destination in each season of the year.

Solta is an island that gladly hosts its guests and with pride presents its charms. So come to visit this beautiful cultural-historic Mediterranean treasures and fall under its spells. We guarantee that you will not regret.


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