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Agroturistika Chorvatsko

Agroturistika je zvláštní forma cestovního ruchu, která kombinuje přírodní krásy, kulturní dědictví a tradice, zdravé místní jídlo a vynikající víno. Farm stay nabízí velký výběr prázdninových domů, apartmánů a pokojů na venkovských farmách. Chorvatsko Venkovská turistika je kombinací čisté přírody, čerstvého vzduchu, poznávání neznámého a vychutnávání zapomenutých chutí místních specialit. Agroturistika je především dovolená v tichu a zeleni s vychutnáváním místních gastronomických specialit. Poznejte místní zvyky, tradice a jednoduchý způsob života. Agroturistika je skvělý způsob, jak objevit rozmanitou kulturu a uniknout do přírody. Přírodní krásy poskytují také rozmanité možnosti pro aktivní turistiku. Chorvatsko. Autentické domy na venkově a agroturistika v přírodě přináší zvláštní zážitek z vesnice a venkovského způsobu života. Pohled z okna venkovského ubytování, bytu nebo pokoje odhaluje krásně upravené zahrady, zeleň a vinice. Cyklostezky nedotčenou přírodou v krásném prostředí, nespočet cest vedoucích různými směry. Olivové cesty, vinné cesty... Chorvatsko. Vyberte si ubytování na venkově a dopřejte si klidnou nebo aktivní dovolenou, kterou si zasloužíte. Pocit, na který nezapomenete a vždy se budete rádi vracet. Chorvatsko.

Croatia is a very beautiful and unique European country. This horseshoe shaped country is nestled in between Hungary, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. Its coastline extends all the way along the Adriatic Sea opposite Italy. Croatia is known for its clear-blue sea and beautiful beaches as well as its history and culture. This lovely country offers a vacation spot for everyone be it its coastline or islands. In Croatia everyone can find it's place for a vacation.
Croatia is divided up into regions which are Central Croatia, Slavonia and Baranja, Istria, Kvarner, Gorski Kotar and Lika, Northern Dalmatia, Central Dalmatia and Southern Dalmatia. Each region has its own uniqueness which makes it different from the others.
Central Croatia's architecture was highly influenced by the baroque era, best seen in the rustic castles which are spread throughout the entire region. Here, agrotourism does not only offer comfortable accommodation but exquisite traditional cuisine as well. Except the accommodation in agroturisms You can also find nice hotel accommodation and private accommodation. Central Croatia is home to the country's capital city, Zagreb. Villages in Central Croatia are surrounded by vineyards and fields as well as historical castles previously inhabited by aristocrats. Central Croatia has many hunting grounds and many of the resaturants in the area are offering meales based on wild game as  their specialties. Hunting is a popular tourist attraction in Central Croatia.
Istria is unique due to its cultural heritage which was influenced by the Romans, by a developed coastline with a remarkable tourist offer- private accommodation in apartments and rooms, hotels, campsites, vacation houses - villas..., as well as for its interior which is covered in lush green vegetation. Istria is known for its long history in tourism and because of this, high standards have been set. It offers everything from apartments and rooms in private accommodation, hotels, campsites, rural houses and luxury villas with pools, bed and breakfast inns, agrotourism which offers delicious traditional cuisine as well as several gourmet restaurants.
Kvarner, with its islands Cres, Losinj, Krk and Rab, is a region with diverse climate and vegetation. It is a combination of the islands', mountains', and mainland's architecture and culture that have developed throughout the last three centuries.
Gorski Kotar and Lika are rich in untouched natural beauty and are two of the most attractive continental destinations in Europe. They are perfect destinations for those who enjoy nature walks, winter sports, mountain climbing, hunting and fishing.

Dalmatia is a unique region which offers a total of 926 islands, and some of them as Brač, Hvar, Korčula, Dugi otok, Mljet and Pag are the biggest one in the Adriatic sea. On the dalmatian coastline there is a delta of 4 greatest Croatian rivers: Zrmanja, Krka (with it's beautiful waterfalls), Cetina and Neretva. Here are also settled two natural lakes: lake Vransko near Biograd and Lake Prokljansko in the lower flow part of the Krka river.  Northern Dalmatia has much to offer with its beautiful beaches and picturesque islands. It offers a wide range of accommodations from apartments and rooms in private houses, vacation houses with pools, luxury villas, hotels and camping grounds. Numerous islands in this area benefits the development of the natuical turism.

Central Dalmatia is the region of the historic cities of Trogir and Split. Split is known for Diocletian's palace which shows a part of the cities history. Trogir was built on the foundation of Greek colonies and is rich in architectural and cultural monuments.
The most beautiful city on the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik, is situated in Southern Dalmatia. This historical city, with its old streets and Stradun, is surrounded and protected by large fortress walls. It offers many luxurious hotels, villas, restaurants and much more.
Croatia is a country full of culture, history, nature, warm sun and beautiful beaches. The author George Bernard Shaw summed it up as „PARADISE ON EARTH“.


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