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On the north coast of the seventh island per large in the Adriatic Sea, in the bay of Augusta is situated Mali Losinj. It is the biggest, administrative, cultural and financial centre and the major harbour on the island. Mali Losinj it's the biggest town with amphitheatre type of construction on Adriatic islands.

The history of Mali Losinj is known since the XII: century, while for the first time is mentioned in 1398 under the name of Malo selo (little village). Even if the city started to develop around the church of St. Martin from the XV: century in the homonymous bay, the main church is the one of the Born of Our Lady from the period XVI/XVII century.

On the island its possible to get to with ferry lines from Brestova over Cres, Rijeka, Zadar or Valbiska on the island Krk.  The habitants of this picturesque town are dealing with agriculture, fishing, shipbuilding and navigation and of course tourism. Tourism here was developed in the 80'ins of the XIX. century.  Gravel beaches, numerous green paths and promenades and the dense pinewood contributed to a fast development of the tourism. The peacefully beaches distant just 15 min. from the centre of the town are what make this destination special.

The animal lovers have one more reason to come and visit Mali Losinj. Namely the sea around Mali Losinj it's a known habitat of the good dolphins that often follow the ships when they cast off or their return in the harbour. Mali Losinj has developed a healing tourism thanks to its gentle climatic conditions and its favourable effects to a human body.

The various accommodations offered in hotels, inns, apartments, camping, cottages and villas are a result of a long year touristic tradition. Analogously the sport offer is also different: tennis, mini-golf, bowling, windsurfing, and diving, underwater fishing. For the excursionists are organised one-day boat trips on the near islands, whole-day boat trips around the island and walking-hiking route trips. The yachtsman can leave their boats and yachts in the marina that is a part of a harbour.

The entertainment and cultural offer on Losinj it's also very rich. The most known happenings are the music days in June, The folklore nights in July and August, and Dolphin days on the 5th of August, the fisherman's night on the 15th of August, and the night of the town on 24th of August. Of the sport manifestation there is a need to mention the International tennis competition-Losinj Riviera, the Regatta of Losinj and the international underwater fishing competition.

The waterfront of Mali Losinj is the main event place, and exactly in this area are located numerous bars and restaurants offering local and international specialities.

The marvellous nature, a rich accommodation and sports offer, the kindness of the people and a possibility of observing our noble sea friends the dolphins are just few of the reasons speaking pro visiting Mali Losinj.


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