Following the southwest coast of the island, after a denuded  Misnjak, Barbat and Banjol we come till the city of Rab.

The city of Rab acquired his title in the 10. yaer B.C. when the Roman emperor Octavian August proclaimed his indipendence. The city has in a short time recived also an epithet FELIX, which means "happy" and was given to towns to honour and compliment them. Rab represents a kind of historic-cultural journey trought the history. In favour of that speaks the fact that there are many infrastructure objects from different historical periods and style: romanic, renaiscance, gothic...Many curches testify the high spirituality of the local people, some of them out of function or even ruined. The main church is the on of the ealt of the Blessed Virgin Mary, decorated with rich scarves. The main square is the one of Saint Christopher which has a fountain with two sculpture representing Kalifront and the shepherdess Draga, characters of the local legend about a forbidden love. As one of the most significant infrastructures we must mention the old town with 4 church towers dominating above it and the city walls that even today surrounds the major part of the town.

Near the town walls there is a park Komrcar with a promenade and a beach.

The city of Rab is the most visited one in summer, filled with entertainment programs and manifestation, the place where people enjoy in each other company and in the beauties of the town.

Even if the environmentally bounded, the city of Rab offers to it's visitors an accommodation in rooms, houses and private flats of high category.

The city of Rab its an ideal destination for those who want enjoy in the peaceful surroundings under a hundred years old pine tree shadow the smell and the blue of the sea not renouncing of the advantages that a city has.


Rab - Hotelek, apartmanok, szállás, szobák