Szlavónia és Baranya


Slavonia and Baranja are located on the northeastern side of Croatia and they border with Hungary, Yugoslavia, and Bosnia and Hercegovina. These regions are well-developed in agriculture and due to their many rivers, brooks and beautiful forrests, visitors can enjoy a holiday of rest and relaxation. Sports fishing, hunting and enjoying the pictoresque landscape are just some of the activities rural tourism has to offer.
Surrounded by the rivers Sava, Drava and Dunav, Slavonia is a region of exceptional beauty with its thick forrests and green pastures as well as numerous castles and summer homes which once belonged to the wealthy. These characteristics give Slavonia a certain charm.
The city of Osijek is the largest city in Slavonia and it is located next to the river Drava. Osijek is a historical yet modern city rich in culture as well as entertainment.
Baranja is a region which extends between the rivers Drava and Dunav and the Hungarian border. At the crossroads of the rivers Dunav and Drava is the natural phenomenon of the Kopacki rit (swamp). The Kopacki rit (swamp) is a zoological preserve rich in wildlife and vegetation and it was declared a nature park in 1967.
The larger cities throughout the regions of Slavonia and Baranja are Osijek, Vukovar, Vinkovci, Slavonski Brod, Pozega, Daruvar, Nova Gradiska, Kutjevo, Zupanja, Djakovo, Nasice and Virovitica. These cities are known for their kind and hospitable hosts and accomodations throughout the regions mainly include pansions with appartments and rooms as well as hotels.
Rest, relaxation and fine traditional cuisine make up for an unforgettable experience.



Osijek, a city and port on the right bank of the Drava river, 25 km upstream of its confluence into the Danube in eastern Slavonia. The largest city in eastern Croatia Osijek had the town statues towards the end of the 1...


Slavonski Brod

The city of Slavonski Brod is located in Slavonia and is in the centre of the Brodska-posavska county. Slavonski Brod was developed at the foot of Dilja, a place where the hills meet the river Sava. In this area, the...

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