Domy wakacyjne Varazdin


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Varazdin, a city of harmony and hospitality, is an attractive holiday destination which is hard to miss. The city of Varazdin has to this day preserved all of its main characteristics such as being the city of music, baroque and flowers.
All visitors to Varazdin will feel the spirit of past centuries, the hospitality of the people of Varazdin and the beauty of this small yet charming city. Walks through the city streets and along the green promenades of V. Jagica always result in lifted spirits and the carefully arranged flowers throughout the city streets and town squares are proof why Varazdin is called the city of flowers. The warm city centre of Varazdin is made up of preserved palaces and old houses. A number of churches and monasteries harmoniously complete this beautiful picture and the many towers make Varazdin the city of church towers.
All of the city streets lead to the central town square where which is the location of Varazdin's city hall. The popular Korzo (promenade) is part of an everyday ritual for the people of Varazdin as well as tourists and it is a place where guests can enjoy a lovely cup of coffee or get a bite to eat in the company of friends or business partners.
Varazdin is a city whose rich cultural heritage is incorporated into present-day life and therefore tradition is present pretty much everywhere. An example is the Spancir festival which brings together the city's many craftsmen, actors, singers, clowns, and people on stilts that all bring life to the streets in the old city centre. Visitors, who have great respect for a long musical tradition and enjoy the sounds of baroque music, can take part in the famous Varazdin evenings of baroque.
The Varazdin region offers a variety of accommodations which include private accommodations, hotels and Bed & Breakfasts. One thing that must not be missed is the chance to taste some of Varazdin's special traditional cuisine proudly served in all of its restaurants.
Far away from the stone walls, streets and town squares, guests can get away from the crowded city and enjoy their holiday even more by visiting the river Drava as well as Aquacity. The beautifully preserved landscape is an ideal place to relax and unwind, do some fishing as well as hunting for it is not far from the hunting grounds of Zelendvora which is a favourite among European hunters.
Once you visited Varazdin, you can't wait to come back.


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