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Fuzine is located 730m above sea level in the southwestern part of Gorski Kotar. It is a very popular tourist destination in Gorski Kotar because of the beauty of the town as well as the surrounding man-made lakes of Bajer and Lepovica.
Even before World War I Fuzine was a popular vacation spot for the people of Rijeka. Today, Fuzine offers a wide range of services: restaurants and taverns, accommodations in apartments and bed & breakfasts. Throughout the years Gorski Kotar's cuisine has become more and more diverse. By adopting traits from other cuisines, it has created a unique menu which is certain to satisfy even the most demanding gourmands. Due to its beautiful untouched nature, besides winter tourism, hunting and fishing have developed greatly therefore making Fuzine an extraordinary holiday destination in spring, summer and autumn.
The church of Saint Antun Padovanski was built in the spot where once a small church existed. Its construction lasted from 1808 to 1833 and is the largest sacral object in Gorski Kotar. The church was dedicated to Saint Antun Padovanski, the Patron Saint of Fuzine. The Sanctuary of the Holy Virgin of Snow in Lic dates back to year 1733, when, according to local tales, while the population of Lic was working their fields a snow storm appeared out of the blue in which the Holy Virgin appeared. On that spot the church was built and later destroyed in World War II. That spot has been and is visited by several palmers and tourists every year, all searching for prayer and health and visiting the small church which has been re-built beside the ruins of the old church. On August 5th each year a traditional pilgrimage and celebration takes place to honor The Holy Virgin of Snow.


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