Bjelolasica, because of its beautiful location and nature, is heaven on earth for all enthusiastic mountain climbers and alpinists. Bjelolasica is the highest mountain in Gorski Kotar and it is surrounded by many beautiful natural attraction. Some of the towns which surround Bjelolasica are Mrkopalj, Begovo Razdolje, Vrelo, Ogulin, Jasenak, Sabljace, Vrbovsko and Ravna Gora.
Mrkopalj is a small town, up in the hills, near Bjelolasica which lies in the middle of the Mrkopalj field. Even though it is only 20km air-line from the sea, Mrkopalj breaths a mountainous atmosphere. Most often the townspeople organise the picking and harvesting of blueberries as well as other wild berries. Mrkopalj welcomes skiers who can spend their day on the slopes in the skiing center of Begovo Razdolje which is just a few kilometers away. Begovo Razdolje is located on the western side of Bjelolasica at 1078m above sea-level and it is the highest mountain in Croatia. Up until recently, forestry has been the main source of income in this area. Today, tourism here is growing more and more. In Begovo Razdolje guests can get a taste of its culture through its wonderful traditional homemade cuisine.
Vrbovsko is one of the largest of towns within the highlands thanks to its rich cultural and historical heritage. Here guests can find accomodations which include private houses with appartments and rooms as well as enjoy great cuisine, sports and recreation.
Ravna Gora is located in the heart of Gorski Kotar at 700-900m above sea-level. It is surrounded by the mountains of Bjelolasica, Visnjevic and Suhi Vrh. In the center of town there is the church of St. Theresa Avilska. The name Ravna Gora (Flat Highlands) stands for its many plains, fields and mountains which all make this an ideal destination for a quiet holiday in the mountains. Visitors can also enjoy sports and recreation such as cycling, walks through nature, hiking and mountain climbing.
Ogulin is located at the foot of Klek mountain with the river Dobra flowing beneath it. The city of Ogulin is also rich in cultural and historical heritage. Some of its monuments are the castle of Frankopan, the church of the Holy Cross and the monastery of St. Franjo Asisko.
Bjelolasica and its surrounding towns are great for all nature lovers. It is a magical place throughout the entire year.


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