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The city of Slavonski Brod is located in Slavonia and is in the centre of the Brodska-posavska county. Slavonski Brod was developed at the foot of Dilja, a place where the hills meet the river Sava. In this area, the river Sava is quite narrow and shallow making it an easy place to cross. Sailing the river Sava dates back to Roman times.
Within Slavonski Brod there are visible remains which represent the city's history as well as the many cultures which once inhabited these parts. Situated next to the river Sava, the city has a great cultural heritage: an important fortress, a military and spiritual centre (a Franciscan monastery and library).
Slavonski Brod's economy is based on industries such as agriculture, wine-growing, fruit-growing, the metal industry (locomotives, railroad cars, and bridges), the wood industry (furniture, parquet), textiles, leather, beer, building materials (lime), and the printing industry.
Many tourist attractions surround Slavonski Brod. One of them is Lake Petnja which is located at the foot of the city. This region started to develop its tourism in hunting and fishing. The Jelas field is a hunting ground rich in wild game including deer, pheasants, wild duck, wild boar, and quail. Sport fishing is a popular activity for those who enjoy visiting Slavonski Brod and its outskirts due to the large amount of fish as well as organised excursions along the river Sava.


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