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Zminj is a city located 35km north of the city of Pula with its old city centre sitting at 379m above sea level and the newer parts in its surrounding flatlands.
The regions surrounding Zminj are fascinating due to their development in agrotourism and excursions to the caves of “Festinsko Kraljevstvo”. Zminj’s surrounding rural catering establishments are known for their authentic Istrian cuisine and traditional settings.
Old Istrian houses have been adapted for agrotourism where visitors can find accommodations (apartments and rooms) and try wonderful homemade Istrian cuisine while enjoying some peace and quiet in a natural setting.
The people of Zminj annually celebrate the holiday of Bartulja, St. Bartola Day, which is the biggest festivity in Istria and visited by thousands. Zminj is home to the Cakavski assembly which originated in the year 1969. This assembly promotes the traditional Istrian dialect of Cakavski and it is a centre where groups of young poets and songwriters come together and prepare events dedicated to Cakavski literature.
Zminj was first mentioned in the year 1177. Archaeological findings tell a story of a Croatian burial ground with 200 grave sites dating back to the 9th and 10th centuries. The gothic chapel of St. Trojice dressed in the year 1471 with frescos reflecting the life of Jesus Christ as well as the even older chapel of St. Antun Opata built in the 14th century. The city church was dedicated to St. Mihovila Arkandelu and beside it is the preserved tower of old Kastel.


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