Hotely Lyžiarsky areál Jahorina


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In the southeast part of the state, only 28km far away from the capital city of Sarajevo, on the mountain massif 30km long under the highest peak of Ogorjelica-1916m it’s situated Jahorina-Olimpic ski resort.
In 1984. Jahorina has an honor to host some of the ski competitions of the Winter Olimpic games that were held in Sarajevo. In a range of 1300-1800 m of highness there are 20 km of ski-paths of different demands and 4 ski-lifts and 4 chair lifts are taking care of transporting the skiers. Because of it’s specific climatic conditions, which is a combination of the mnediterranean and the contibnental one, in winter Jahorina becomes a heaven for skiers in which at the same time You can enjoy in the skiing on natural snow and the sunny weather. Except skiers on Jahorina will enjoy also those who like sledge, boarders , freeriders and those who practice the nordic skiing. A particular experience is the night skiing and sledging on the ski path Poljica. You can also rent the ski equipment directly in the ski resort, and there is also a possibility of a maintenance of a ski equipment if You bring your own one. If You are tired of skiing You can rent a motor sleigh and enjoy in the ride on the white slopes.
The refreshment points offer on Jahorina is very good. Beside the ski paths there are several grill houses with large teracces on which You can take a break and eat something from the grill menu or drink a soda or a coffe. Beside this, near evry wiry there is a stall with refreshment drinks, chocolate bars and salty snacks.
Except the skiing, night time brings a variety of bars, restaurants and disco-clubs where You can have a great time.
In summer Jahorina puts on her dense grass carpet and with her climatic conditions attracts excursionist, hiking groups and sportsman and all those who are in search of some fresh air. Different sport fields are a reason for which sport teams comes on their sport training for the incoming sport season or for a specific preparation due to a future competition. Jogging and walking paths, a possibility to vintage wild fruits and helthy herbs it’s for sure a good motivation for those who really love the nature who enjoy just in the fact that they are surrounded with the beautiful green forest and fields and with a fresh air.
The offer of an accomodation is various: hotels, private houses, rooms, cottages, inns…All this accomodation units are available near the ski resort, it’s on You to choose.
A wonderful nature, a kinf and cheerfully people, convenient prices and an unforgetabble night life makes Jahorina a very attractive destination which will in the future be a choice of many skiers and nature lovers.


Hotel Lyžiarsky areál Jahorina