Rekreační domy Lyžiarsky areál Kobla


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On the west -side of Gorenjska region is situated the lake of Bohinj, one of the pearls of that region and of the entire Slovenia in general.
Near the lake of Bohinj, just 5 km away, is settled Bohinjska Bistrica, the largest town on the area of Bohinj lake, above which has found his place the Kobla-ski resort. The view on the lake of Bohinj and on the mount of Triglav-the highest peak in Slovenia, give to any skier and visitor of the ski resort Kobla an unique experience.
Kobla was the first ski resort in Slovenia in 1914.-which is a less known fact, and it is the only one reachable by train, because is situated on a significantly lower highness then the other ones-521m above sea. For the same reason here is where the lower wiry, who lead at the nearest ski-paths, starts. The ski resort has some easier and medium difficulty ski paths, and the longest ski-path has 6000m.
Regarding the technical equipment of the ski resort it’s important to say that in the last years there was built a system for synthetic snow. This gives the opportunity, if the time is favourable and if there are no conditions of natural snowing, to spread the synthetic snow on the main ski paths. The characteristic that surely many skiers will appreciate is the presence of fast and long ski paths.
The ski resort Kobla has a total of 23 km of ski paths, 15 km for Nordic skiing and about 20 ski cannon and 6 wiry. A special attraction is thepossibility of night skiing on the lightened ski paths.
Kobla is an attractive destination for vacation also in summer. Assembled in the beautiful natural enviroment offering to it’s visitors an attractive cycling paths, horse riding, fishing and a start point for many excursions and hiking trips to the National Park of Triglav.
The guests which come all year around can choose an acomodation type in Bohinjska Bistrica or in it’s surroundings, where many apartments, rooms, inns, mountain shelter, private houses, camping are available, it’s only up to them to choose the most attractive solution for them. For a gastronomic experience of Bohinjska Bistrica and Kobla will take care the hosts of many local restaurants, taverns, pizza places and bars.
Even if a relatively small ski resort, Kobla has certainly it’s own charming places that are waiting to be discovered…


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