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About 40 km at the north-west part of Zagreb, in a valley surrounded with green hills and beautiful sightseeing are situated the Tuhelj thermal spas one of the pearls of the Croatian continental tourism. These thermal spas have a historical reputation, which gets back till the ancient Romans when they were known as the "smelly spas" because of their strong sulphur-hydrogen smell.

The position of the thermal spas on the very source of the mineral water and the healing mud it's very propitious and offers the possibility to practice many sports and relaxing and revitalising programs.

Of the sports that can be practice there are tennis fields, basketball field, soccer field, table tennis and the mini-golf course. A large offer in the aspect of active holidays represents a Water park, which is composed by 3 indoor pools: for children, swimming pool and wellness pool with Jacuzzi massages, waterfalls and geysers.

Six pools compose the outdoor pool. The one for the children it's the most coloured one and it has a castle on the water, two water cannons, a pool with toys an 4 watered slides. For the adults there are pools with hydro massages, waterfalls with underwater massages, a pool with waves.

Beside the Water Park the Tuhelj thermal spas offer a wide range of relaxing and revitalising programs such as sauna and massage programs that help the body in the detoxification process.

Although primary as a destination for an active vacation, Tuhelj thermal spas have a significant role as a destination of healthy resort in tourism. The advantages of the thermal waters and the mud near the water sources are of inestimable significance for the human body. There are the well-known positive effects of the thermal waters and the mud on rheumatic illness, the bone and juncture injuries, the ginecological problems and as a very successful method in a fight against the cellulite.

In the evening hours You can search for a fun time in the local bars and clubs.

If you are in a romantic mood in the neighbourhood of the Tuhelj thermal spas there is a baroque castle Mihanovic. This castle owns his name to an author of the Croatian national anthem, Antun Mihanovic, considering that he lived there for some years. The castle is from the 18. century and it's an ideal place for a variety of occasions such as weddings, and business meetings and banquets. In the castle there is a wine cellar ideal for family meetings and celebrations.

You can find the accommodation in hotels or private houses, and if you get tired of relaxing and you wish to look out in the neighbourhood there are trips organised. It's very interesting in this way the Castle of Veliki Tabor. Regarding the gastronomy you will experience it the best in the typical restaurants and rural touristic houses in the surroundings where you can try the specialities of the region.

The Tuhelj spas are one of the most modern ones in Croatia, known for its many sports and recreational contents and wellness treatments. So, if you get tired of work and you wish to spoil your body and spirit the Tuhelj thermal spas are the right choice.


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