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Apartments and rooms for rent, accommodation with private renters Ravna Gora offer guests the option of accommodation tailored to each guest. Hosts' hospitality for your unforgettable holiday in the apartment or room in private accommodation. Whether you are looking for modern apartments, accommodation by the sea, apartment in the ski resort ... We offer a large selection of apartments, rooms in private accommodation Ravna Gora. Search and booking of apartments is very simple. Search our offer of apartments and rooms in Ravna Gora and find the accommodation that best suits your requirements and wishes. Choose your apartment, room, book and spend a relaxing holiday in Ravna Gora.

Ravna Gora is a central mountainous region which has developed around agriculture and manufacturing wood products, yet it possesses great potential within the tourism industry as a result of it being the main cross country skiing centre in Croatia. Tourism in Ravna Gora is mainly oriented on the winter months but activities such as hunting and fishing are becoming more and more popular amongst tourists today. Its vast beautiful forests and clean rivers make tourism in this region possible throughout the entire year. Ravna Gora offers visitors accommodations in private homes and Bed & Breakfasts, which have rooms and apartments, as well as delicious homemade cuisine in its many restaurants and taverns.
Ravna Gora is located in the centre of Gorski Kotar at 700-900m above sea level. It is surrounded by hills and mountains – on the one side Bjelolasica, Visnjevica and Suhi Vrh and on the other Javorova Kosa and Kosica. At the top of Javorova Kosa (1016m above sea level) is an inexhaustible natural water supply which provides water for Ravna Gora and its neighbouring towns. This region has a never ending water supply thanks to its 6 underground springs, which keep the “tank” full, as well as the nearby river Dobra. Some of Ravna Gora’s neighbouring towns are Kupjak, Leskova Draga, Stari Laz, Stara Susica and Sije.


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