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The small town of Saint Filip and Jakov is located just 4km away from Biograd na Moru. This small town as well as harbour is one of the most beautiful towns in the Pasman inlet. The inhabitants of Saint Filip and Jakov mostly occupy themselves with agriculture, wine-growing and tourism. In andoutside of town there are many individual campsites.
Rich Mediterranean vegetation, clear blue sea and beautiful beaches make Saint Filip and Jakov a recognised and popular tourist destination. Its untouched nature and clear blue sea make it the perfect place for a holiday filled with relaxation, sports and recreation. Saint Filip and Jakov offer a variety of accommodations such as apartments, rooms, bed & breakfasts as well as campsites. Campsites in Saint Filip and Jakov play a big role in accommodating its many visitors who are huge nature lovers and who continue to visit every year.
Those who enjoy the open sea and sailing can enjoy excursions to the nearby National park Kornati. This picturesque coastal town developed around a medieval church which was dedicated to the apostles Filip and Jakov. Saint Filip and Jakov was once a port for a Benedictine monastery in Rogova. It had a fortified abbey which had its own church, basement, oil refinery, and salt-works. The town of Saint Filip and Jakov as we see it today was built after the retreat of the Turks in the 17th and 18th centuries.


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