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Krnica or Carnitia is situated at an altitude of 195 m, within the municipality Marcana. Krnica is a small Istrian village with 300 inhabitants far only about twenty kilometers from the city of Pula.

Port of Krnica (Porat) is a 'coastal' extension. In the village there is a post office, several shops and cafes. Nearby there are several picturesque places such as Rakalj, Mutvoran, Peruski, Kavran, Barban, Gologoricki Dol, Marcana, definitely worth visiting if you choose to spend your vacation in Krnica.


Krnica surroundinghs are suitable for riding, hiking, mountain biking, swimming, diving, boat ride.

You can also go on a trip somewhere in the inland, for example, Hum, Buzet, Motovun, Groznjan, the Arena in Pula, or perhaps less known Mutvoran, valley of the river Rasa, Labin Old Town or walk on the Pula fortresses.

This place is ideal for those looking for holiday with complete peace.


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