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The beautiful island of Korcula is a holiday haven with its numerous inlets, coves, and surrounding islets. Korcula has surface area of 270km2 and its landscape is covered in coniferous forests, dense evergreen underbrush, medicinal herbs and flowers. The islanders occupy themselves with fishing, shipbuilding and stone-masonry as well as cultivating vineyards, olive trees, orange trees, fig trees and almond trees.
Korcula has a long tradition in tourism. There are many cities and towns which stretch along the island's coastline - Korcula, Lumbarda, and Vela Luka as well as in its interior Zrnovo, Pupnat, Cara, Smokvica, Blato.
Korcula is a city and harbour located on a small peninsula which is connected to the rest of the island by way of a small isthmus. The city has two swimming beaches and just west of the city are the inlets of Srecica, Banja, and Vrbovica which are also great places to have some fun in the sun. The city of Korcula offers a large variety of private accommodations which include apartments, rooms, Bed & Breakfasts and luxurious villas. This beautiful historical city is one of the most well-preserved medieval cities in Croatia. Stairs lead up to the entrance of the Old city and at the top of these stairs visitors will see two obelisks which were built as a tribute to the princes which once ruled this magnificent city. More historical and cultural monuments can be found in the city square such as the St. Marko cathedral, the Petra palace, the Arneri palace, the Gabriellis palace as well as many other smaller churches. It is said that Marco Polo, who was involved in a sea battle in the year 1298 near Korcula in which the Genovians conquered the Venetians and took him hostage, was born here in the year 1254. The house where he was born is located next to the city's cathedral, just right of the bell tower. The entire city is surrounded by fortress walls and towers and throughout its narrow streets there many restaurants and taverns where guests can try delicious Dalmatian cuisine. Every year in June Korcula hosts the game of knights Moraska which involves the traditional Dalmatian sword dance. This is a long historical tradition in memory of when the Turks attacked Korcula. Here two groups of warriors, dressed in original costumes, through song and dance fight for the young bride. The Dalmatian sword dance is a wonderful tourist attraction and something visitors must see.
There are eight towns on the island and one of them is Lumbarda located at the eastern end of the island. Lumbarda also has an old part of town which overlooks the inlets of Prvi Zal and Novi. Just east of the town is the Lumbarda field which is covered in red and yellow sand and is a place where vineyards flourish producing some of best of wines (Grk wine). Lumbarda is just 6km away from the city of Korcula and offers accommodations in its camp and hotel complex.
The fishing and farming town of Racisce is located on the northern part of the island and it was once inhabited by refugees who ran from the Turks back in the 17th century.
The town of Cara was built on a hillside overlooking a large vineyard where grapes called Posip are cultivated and the wine produced from these grapes was given the same name.
Blato is one of the largest towns on Korcula located in the island's interior, 4km away from the seaside. Here agriculture, including wine-growing, is the townspeople’s' main occupation. Every year, on April 23, the knightly games called Kumpanija are held in the town square. Blato has also preserved the tradition of gusle-playing.
Vela Luka is located on the western side of the island. The hills that surround Vela Luka protect it from the strong northern and southern winds. Today Vela Luka has become an important tourist destination due to its breathtaking landscape, surrounding islands (Osjak), inlets (Triporti), and olive groves which are known throughout the world. Along with its beautiful nature, guests of Vela Luka can enjoy all of the advantages modern tourism has to offer such as quality accommodations, wonderful catering establishments which provide delicious seafood specialties and first class wines as well as a variety of sports, recreation and entertainment.



On the south coast of the Korcula island, in the homonym sunny bay enriched with Mediterranean vegetation is located the place of Brna.During the history known as an export harbour for the vine from the near Smokvica and as...




Vela Luka

Vela Luka is located on the west coast of the island of Korcula, in a picturesque bay deeply involved into a mainland. Vela Luka is the biggest place on the island ad it has approximately 5000 habitants.  Exactly Vela Luka...

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