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The first written documents about thermal spas and health resorts in Slovenia are dating from the year 1147, and more than four centuries people from all Europe appreciate and use Slovenian mineral and thermal waters.
The most important properties of the Slovenian thermal spas and health resorts are the various qualities and the different temperatures of the waters (from 32oC to 73oC), the mineral waters and the various organic and inorganic peloids, and at the end but not less important the Mediterranean, Pannonian and subalpin microclimates.
The beauty of Slovenia is hidden in its differences. The subalpin vineyards, the limestone caves of the karst region, the interlaced canyons, magnificent waterfalls and the glacier lakes of the alpine world.
The great number of rivers that are passing through the Slovenian territory and here founds its springs offers to its visitors the possibility to escape from the chaos of the big cities and the stressing modern life, and to discover the natures secrets and enjoy in the various natures resources like the thermal and mineral waters.
In the Slovenians thermal and health resorts it is possible to enjoy in families vacations, do something for you, for your body and spirit, and improve the physical and minds conditions. All this is possible in the many thermal centres, Wellness centres, health and recreation resorts where is possible to swim in the many outdoor and indoor pools, jog and walk through the woods, exercise on various equipment, play golf and tennis, bowl, ride horses, ski, enjoy mountain-biking, and at the same time learn to live in a more healthy way.
At the thermal spas and health resorts are organized social, cultural, and folklore events.
In Slovenia there is the possibility to chose between a great number of termal centers: Smarjeske Toplice, Terme Catez, Terme Olimia, Lotus Terme, Toplice Izlake, Terme Dobrna, Terme Topolsica, Terme Zrece, Terme Ptuj, Terme Banovci, Terme Maribor, Terme Radenci, Terme Lendava health resorts: Zdravilisce Dolenjske Toplice, Rimske Toplice, Zdravilice Lasko, Zdravilisce Rogaska, Klimatski Centar Rogla and Zdravilisce Moravske Toplice.
The thermal and health resorts help people who have hearth and circulatory diseases, rheumatic diseases, injuries to the locomotor system, diseases of digestive system, metabolic diseases, gynecological diseases, kidney and urinary tract diseases, neurological and neurotic diseases, skin diseases, respiratory ailments, mouth and teeth diseases and eye diseases.
The offers of hotel accommodations are many. There are offered rooms with service of overnight stay and with complete meals that are adapted for the particular problems of the clients and the healthy program chosen. There is possible to choose various diet types and follow healthy and controlled nutrition adapted to the health problems of the individuals, only for prevention or adapted to the particular lose weight programs.
The hotel accommodation offers the possibility to make a reservation of one of the many classical programs but it is also possible to take only the rooms and use than the individual programs that can be chosen at the moment with the help of the efficient professional teams who can help anyone to crate a particular program for himself.
Using the services of the thermal spa centres and the health resorts don’t exclude the possibility to enjoy in the many other tourist offers that Slovenia has. All the thermal centres and the health resorts are only a few kilometres from the towns so all the guests can visit the old centres and the castles, the vineyards where is possible to try the typical sorts of wines, and in the many restaurants, taverns and agro tourism which gives to its guests a plenty gastronomic offer of typical foods.


Moravske Toplice

On the extreme north-east part of Slovenia, in the region Prekmurje, its situated the modern thermal spas Terme 3000. The spas have a rich offer based on the benefices of the thermal-healing water, one of the most privileged thermal waters in...


Terme Bled


Terme Catez

In the south east part of Slovenia, close to the board with Croatia nearby the town of Brezice between the rivers Sava and Krka are situated the Catez thermal spas. Thanks to the mild alpine climate and the modern and...


Terme Dobrna

There is a special sense of contact with nature and an ecological tourism that connects in a particularly special way the forests of the outskirts with the Thermal Centre Dobrna. A thermal water source was discovered in XII century. The...


Terme Dolenjske

Three thermal springs are waiting for the visitors of the Thermal and Health Resort Dolenjske from many centuries ago. The first written document about the thermal centres from these places is from the XIII century.Medical science has confirmed the...


Terme Lasko

People have been coming to Lasko Thermal Spa since immemorial time. Roman legionaries, missionaries from the middle Ages and in the XIX century the Austrian-Hungarian have all came in search of health.Not so long ago, the Lasko Thermal Spa...


Terme Lendava


Terme Olimia

To the Thermal and Health Resort Olimia in the XVII and XVIII century the Pauline monks have connected the healthy effects of thermal waters and their pharmacy products that are one of the oldest existing in Europe. A distinction point...


Terme Ptuj


Terme Radenci

In the region of Prekmurje in the beautiful nature, beside the grain fields and the vineyards on the hills near the Mura river are located the Radenci thermal spas. The Radenci thermal spas have a 125-year-old tradition. The thermal water...


Terme Rogaska


Terme Smarjeske

On the south east part of Slovenia, near the Novo Mesto city are located the Smarjeske thermal spas. Surrounded by green woods and meadows. The Smarjeske thermal spas are offering a peaceful neighbourhood in which you will easily relax. Like...


Terme Topolsica


Terme Zrece

On the south west part of the city of Maribor, on the slopes of Pohorje only 16 km distant from the ski centre Rogla are situated the Zrece thermal spas. Exact this vicinity of the ski centre Rogla gives to this...

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