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The National Park Paklenica is located in the backdrop of Starigrad and has two canyons: Velika and Mala Paklenica. The National Park Paklenica covers a surface of 3617 hectares and is a magnificent rocky phenomenon. Paklenica is just one small part of Croatia's most fascinating mountain, Velebit, yet it is one of the most important and the richest in natural characteristics.
A 500m high and 7km long plateau separates Velika Paklenica from Mala Paklenica. Throughout Velika Paklenica flows a 10km long stream and the steep sides of the canyons are as high as 400m. In the narrow pass of Velika Paklenica, the highest cliff is Anica-kuk (400m) which is a well-known rock-climbing spot in Croatia. There are many caves; the better known is the Manita Cave which is 175m long. The Manita Cave, which was adapted for visitors, is rich with stalactites and a large underground area (65m long, 40m wide and 32m high). Alongside the stream, in Velika Paklenica, there is a trail which leads to the town of Parici, over the Velebit mountain-range Buljma and onto Medak. Height span sets conditions for flora and vegetation as well as conditions for rich Paklenica fauna.
The white-headed vulture (wing-span up to 2.6m) resides in this area and as for insects; the most fascinating are the mountain butterflies as well as mammals; bears, wild boars, wildcats, lynx, and many more.
The National Park Paklenica is one of the most significant climbing centres in Croatia due to its combination of mountains and sea. Today there are around 400 different climbing sites in Paklenica and each is equipped according to degree of difficulty and length, so every climber is satisfied.
The town nearest the National Park Paklenica is Starigrad-Paklenica where visitors can find everything necessary to make their holiday a pleasant one. Starigrad-Paklenica is a town and harbour on the coast of the Velebit Canal, and its backdrop is the National Park Paklenica. In Starigrad guests can find various accommodations such as apartments, rooms, Bed & Breakfasts and campsites. Starigrad-Paklenica is known to be the starting point for excursions to the National Park.


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